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Here is a contribution from Glenda.......
Radio 4 Listener? - then you may be familiar with Anna Maria Murphy, author, playwright, poet and celebrant of all things Cornish. Based in Penzance, Cornwall she writes for: ‘Kneehigh Theatre’, Radio 4, short stories, poems, recipes, preserves, walking guides and more. Sixteen of us were lucky enough to attend a writing workshop with Anna in The Plough Arts Centre, Torrington. The workshop was sponsored by Torrington Players as part of their 30th anniversary celebrations. What an interesting mix of people that welcomed Anna; all aspiring writers, some confident some not. Two young people from Torrington Community School braving the adult group, appeared outnumbered, but with their quick, clever young minds produced some outstanding pieces of writing, gaining the confidence to read them out by the afternoon. Anna was inspiring and kick-started our imaginations with quick fire exercises, lateral ideas and tricks. We were sent out into the town to eavesdrop and write down snatches of conversation caught in passing; we had to choose an unknown person and then write a short descriptive piece about them. No doubt there will be rumours of mysterious types creeping about scribbling into notebooks. Anna Murphy believes everyone can write and as we left with her words of encouragement, excited and motivated, we believed it too.
Glenda Barnett
Torrington Players & Fannying Around

The Stuart Rickard Award
Here is Bill to explain it all:
Following Stuart's untimely death last year, your committee decided to initiate the Stuart Rickard Award, which those attending the AGM will have seen went to Edward Gist.   The award is "for exceptional endeavour in the performing arts" and on this occasion marked Edward's successful arrival at the national finals of the BBC young poetry performer competition.   Edward was given a book token - hopefully to increase his reading range.
This award formalises other awards we have given in the past to support members' development and achievement and supports one of the Players stated aims of "furtherance of the dramatic arts".   While we do not anticipate this becoming an annual event, the committee would like this facility to be available for further awards in the future.   The committee would be very happy to consider nominations from members to support and recognise excellence and personal development.   This could be help with expenses in particular projects such as for courses or materials and must recognise "exceptional endeavour in the performing arts".   This has a modest upper limit (so will not break our bank) but gives us the chance to give something back to the wider creative community.   We can not consider grants to specific charities as this compromises our own charitable status for some grants.
Please contact any committee member to make suggestions.

Many thanks Bill for your contribution.

TP Logo:
If you ever need the TP Logo or NODA Logo for making posters or letterheads etc., then you can download the images from this site.
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OLD PROGRAMMES: Do you remember these?
To revive your memories, I have scanned in 46 of our theatre programmes and their cast lists.
Random order of course!   There are four pages.   Enjoy!
Look below for a link button marked "Old Programmes"

If any member has a programme which is not displayed here, would you lend it to me please for scanning and inclusion?
I would particularly like to borrow "The Illusion". I can't find mine.

I have tidied up the link buttons below (about time!) by creating a link called Members Photo Album.
This takes you to our collection of photographs which are not displayed on the Main site.
The observant will notice that throughout the site the earlier photographs were quite small.   This is because, in those early days, most people had "dial up" connection and the pages would have taken a long time to load if the photos were larger.
Science marches on and most now have Broadband. The pictures can therefore be bigger.

A selection of some of the letters we have received from members of the public. The link below is "Your Letters"

Expansion!! A completely new page listing many more scripts! Have a look.
Any member of the Players is welcome to borrow any script or scripts. Please telephone or email me.
Also please arrange for collection and return.

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